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Tooth Decay Treatment

At the early stage, enamel decay is easier to prevent.

As soon as you notice enamel decay, you should take preventive measures and book with us. Once you have dental cavities, you should visit Dentalogica for professional advice and treatment immediately.

Get a check up today. It could save you a lot of time and trouble later.


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Tooth Decay Treatment

We can describe tooth decay as the wearing down of the layers of enamel and dentin that form the outer surface of your teeth.

This loss of enamel can result in a hole or cavity appearing in your tooth, resulting in increased sensitivity and pain.

Why does tooth decay happen?

Tooth decay happens when plaque builds up on your teeth. The acidity from this plaque causes the enamel and dentin layers to dissolve, which leads to decay.

Being a smoker, or drinking alcohol can also encourage tooth decay, as these factors affect your saliva production.

Are cavities reversible?

Tooth enamel loss can be stopped or reversed at the early stage.

Minerals from saliva and fluoride from toothpaste or other sources can actually repair the enamel.

However, if this dental condition is not treated and the process continues, the enamel will be weakened and destroyed which will result in dental cavities.

A dental cavity is permanent damage that your dentist needs to repair with dental fillings.

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