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My Tooth Just Broke When I Was Eating A Biscuit!

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Cosmetic Dentisry

Private dentistry in a relaxing high-tech environment

Unfortunately, I hear this a lot!
Stop eating all those biscuits perhaps?

Ok, sorry about that, but on a serious note….

Dentalogica has some solutions.


Teeth rarely break for no reason. The most common cause of a broken tooth is DENTAL DECAY, not biscuits!

Dental decay is a disease.

It affects teeth all over the mouth, unfortunately, we only often find out when it is too late… when it breaks!

Dental decay rots and softens teeth. Some people have certain types of bacteria in their mouth that are responsible for the disease. These bacteria feed on the sugars we eat! They love sweeties too! The bacteria feeds on the sugar, then they produce acid, which demineralises and rots our teeth! The tooth softens on the INSIDE, and as it worsens, the soft centre increases.
Until one-day we bite on it and… it breaks!



Come and see us, we will never tell you off!

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The sooner a broken tooth is treated the less treatment required to save it.

At Dentalogica we are highly experienced in leading proven dental technologies which eneable us to restore teeth as conservatively and as minimally invasively as possible, and all painfree.

It is important to identify and treat all areas of the mouth with disease. Then equally as important is maintaining the mouth and preventing disease.

Preventing dental disease REALLY is possible.

At Dentalogica we not only fix mouthes ,we keep them fixed! This involves patient treatments, patient education, dietary counselling and regular dental maintenance plans. At Dentalogica we have a dedicated hygienist team that work hard with dentist lead prescription. We work as a team with the patient in a wholistic manner.

Did you know teeth contain, enamel and dentine, they are the physically hardest substances in the body….yet the bacteria finds a way!

But together we can fight it.


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