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Free Online Dental Consultation

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Free ONLINE Consultation Service – To Suit Your Busy Lifestyle.

Life Can be Very Hectic – We Know.

At Dentalogica, we aim to provide you with the best dental treatment.  That’s why we are happy to offer you a free online dental consultation.

Our FREE no-obligation teeth and gum consultation to give you the opportunity to visit the dental clinic, meet the amazing team and discuss the treatment you might need. There are no hidden fees or charges of any kind. 

We can give you a very basic check up or consultation with photographs!

Step 1

Using your phone take at least one photo of your smiling face (showing your teeth). 

Stand in a good light or with your flash switched on and face the camera and smile really widely.

Say ‘cheese!’ we want to see as much of your teeth as possible.

Step 2

Open your mouth wide and take a photo of your lower teeth…

You could even pull down your lower lip.

Step 3

Keep your mouth open wide and take a photo of your upper teeth

You could even lift your upper lip.

OK! That’s it finished. Now check how the pictures came out. OK? Great!

Send the pictures to Dentalogica in an email to:

Send with all your other details including name, and all contact details including a phone number. Label the email “FAO: Dr. Arfan – Online Consultation”.

We will contact you as soon as we can.