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Dental Bridges

Is a chipped or broken tooth a dental emergency?
Yes! A chipped or broken tooth is a dental emergency. Even if the tooth is not causing pain, it will be getting worse and could lead to more complications later.

Anyone with a chipped tooth please contact our friendly team NOW.


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Just broken or knocked out your tooth?


Contact the dentist as soon as you notice your broken teeth – your dentist will advise the most effective and affordable way to repair your precious teeth.

If you find the teeth, keep it in milk and bring it to the dental practice! 
Your dentist will put your tooth back using necessary procedures and check for the correct position using an X-ray.

If you can’t find your tooth, the dentist will fill up the space using one of the following:

Once you have made contact with one of our team, we will make an appointment for you to visit one of our caring dentists.

When you visit the dentist, he/she will examine your mouth and alleviate any pain as a priority.

Wherever possible the tooth will be repaired permanently on the day.

If the problem is more complex, the tooth will be made safe with a temporary filling, before further appointments are arranged to fix the tooth permanently.

As always we promise your treatment will be completed professionally and painlessly.

dental bridges

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