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‘Crystal Air’ – Pain-Free Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion is a way to remove decay from a tooth without using a traditional dental drill.

It is pain-free, heat-free, no noise and no smell – as a result you the patient will not suffer any discomfort, pain or stress during the cleaning process.


Pain free dentistry.
A great reason for a big smile.

Crystal Air Abrasion

With this technique, the tooth decay removing process can often be done without anesthesia. Without an injection, you will have fewer visits to your dentist because he can often do more than one cavity restoration at a time.

The dentist uses compressed air to spray a stream of the sand-like particles of aluminum oxide or silica at the affected tooth while an assistant gentley suctions away the excess.

The tooth decay removing process can often be done without anesthesia.

‘How is Crystal Air Abrasion’ used in Dentalogica dental treatments?

Air Abrasion Dentistry can help your dentist find hidden decay.

The very fine and narrow abrasive stream can remove just the stain and debris in the ‘nooks and crannies’ of your teeth.

Once these areas are cleaned, a special cavity-detecting dye can show where the decay is actively destroying tooth structure.

Your Dentalogica dentist can use the same air abrasion instrument to remove this decay and then restore the tooth with the appropriate filling material.

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